Frequently Asked Questions

There are many possible reasons why a speed test may not show 1,000Mbps, (1Gb). We are supplying a 1 Gb connection to your property and have software installed at the hub which monitors the connection 24/7 and issues alerts if the speed ever falls below acceptable parameters, (so far it never has).

Your own equipment, (especially if using wifi), its age, distance from the router, thickness of walls and many other variables, will affect speed test results.

Also, the accuracy of online speed tests can vary depending on the server being used to perform the test. We recommend using the Ookla Speed test ( and ensuring the server is set to Iomart, Maidenhead or Vodafone, Newbury for the best results. Better still, download the Ookla desktop app ( which is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Whilst we make every effort to provide an efficient, high-speed, broadband connection, our responsibility ends at the Genexsis DRG7820 router on the wall, what goes on the other side of that router remains your responsibility, (but also have a look at some further FAQ's to see if other users experiences may be informative and helpful to you).

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that enables you to access the internet safely and privately by routing your connection through a server and hiding your online actions from prying eyes. In other words, think of it as a secure tunnel between you and the internet.

If you are new to VPNs there's s useful guide at

Please remember that VPN can ensure your privacy but it must NOT be used in an attempt to access illegal material.

Confusion over wifi and router passwords is the most common cause of queries that Myfi receives.

Your Myfi router has two passwords, one for changing the router's settings and a different one for connecting devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, etc. using wifi. The sticker on the front of the router displays both of them, but it may not be obvious which one is which.

The one labelled "Password:" is used for logging in to the router to change its settings.

The Wifi password for connecting your laptop, phone, etc. is labelled "WPA KEY:" This is the original factory-set password for your particular router. This may have been changed if you requested something more memorable, in which case you hopefully have a record of that somewhere.

If your wifi password has been changed from the factory setting, and you can't remember what it is, you can set it again using a web browser by entering the address http://router (don't put a "www" in there). That should take you to a Login screen where you should enter the Username admin and the Password shown on your router sticker. Once into the router's menu, click "wireless" and set your preferred password.

To make any changes to your direct debit, following a change of bank account for example, you need to go directly to GoCardless and use the password you chose when setting up the mandate to make whatever changes are needed.

For all MyFi users who successfully obtained grant funding under either the Access Broadband Cymru (ABC, for domestic users) or Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher (UCV, for business) before 1st September 2018, the first year of connection is free. For all others and thereafter for qualifying grant applicants, £30 per month will be collected under a direct debit agreement via GoCardless.

We know the date you went live on the network and will notify you in advance of collecting the first payment. Subsequent payments will be made on or around the same day each month, (weekends and bank holidays allowing). 

Check out our Terms and Conditions and Service Level Agreement if you need to know more.

We have software at the hub which constantly monitors the network and issues alerts if routers are not reporting, (have been unplugged, lost power or have stopped working).

The easiest way to check that your router is working properly is to look at the lights on it and to check the owner's guide here.

  • The leftmost light (power) should be steady green
  • The second light from the left should be green, blinking. This shows that you have a connection to the Myfi hub.
  • The rightmost light should be steady green if you are using the router's wifi, or off if you have disabled the wifi (e.g. because you have a mesh system).
  • The other lights aren't used.

If the lights do not look like they should the first thing to do is check all the connections, has anything been pulled loose?

If all seems securely plugged in the next thing to try is re-booting the router. To do this simply press the power button next to the power cable on the underside of the router, wait for one full minute, then press it again and wait another minute to see if the lights return to normal.

If there is still a problem open a ticket via the Contact Us pages of the website or by email to; or by telephoning 01646 401016 or simply click the blue support button which is at the bottom right of every web page.

Here is a list of options available to you (there may well be others, this list is not exhaustive);

  • Hardwired, this means running cable(s) (which come in different "categories" i.e. Cat 5, 5e, 6, 6a or 7) from the Genexsis DRG7820 router to any, (or every), room in your property where you want to connect. 
  • Powerline, a popular option is to make use of your existing electrical circuit to run the Ultrafast connection around your property, wherever you need a connection just plug in a Powerline block, (again many makes and models are available). Some types can also output a wifi signal.
  • Range Extenders, the Genexsis DRG7820 router may be fine on its own for smaller properties or where the only room requiring a connection is the one with the router in it, but there are more powerful routers or Range Extenders or Wireless Access Points, (100's of them, with different names but the same basic idea), that can boost and extend the signal of the DRG7820.
  • Mesh network, one of the latest options and a popular choice, this is a wireless connection (so the speed obtained will not be as fast as a hardwired option) but it is a fairly simple DIY install for the non-techie amongst us!
  • Combination of the above, speaks for itself.

One of the latest ways MyFi users are distributing the Ultrafast connection around their properties is by using a mesh network. This technology, (and there are many makes and models to choose from), extends the wireless signal being output from the Genexsis DRG7820 router to every corner of your property and even outside in the garden. The basic idea is an improvement on older "range extender" technology where you would put in another router at a position when the signal from the original unit is getting weak.

This is still an option but the advantage of a "mesh" is that your devices, (laptops, tablets, phones etc) will not need to leave one network and join another, (requiring multiple passwords and potentially interrupting the signal), as you move around your property, the system forms a seamless "mesh" of uninterrupted wifi and you can add more "nodes" if needed in bigger properties.