Minorca Cottages

Nigel Hallet and Elayne Sutton said : ~

" Its too early to tell how the 1Gbps has changed the way we use the internet, but we anticipate a very efficient system"


" The Michelston-y-Fedw Internet CIC team of volunteers have been very impressive speedy, efficient and friendly. Couldn't have been better."

Cefn Mably Park

Mr Viv de Feu said : ~

"All round great support at all stages of the process"

"A very smooth process carried out seamlessly"

"The 1GGbps connection is a tremendous improvement. Speeds have gone up since the installation and now the system has bedded in. Most noticeable in the speed of computer emails and also TV downloads"


"The volunteers are to be applauded ~ what great work. Credit also to our magnificent landowners who have all waivered way leave fees. Really pleased t have been able to be part of the process and the   will benefits continue to pay dividends well into the future"

Cefn Mably Park

Dr Victor Francis said : ~

  • Commendable Work Done
  • Professional Standards
  • Outstanding Commitment

Cefn Mably Park

Wayne Morgan said : ~

"Excellent job done by all"


Before installation, I rarely downloaded anything due to time taken. That's now a thing of the past"


"Everything has been great !! It has been a pleasure meeting and working with you all. Many thanks"


Nikki and David Schofield said : ~

"Everything works as it should. FAST and Efficient"


"What an amazing undertaking. Everyone has worked so hard. Lovely people, all very helpful and efficient. A huge thank you to the whole team"

Cefn Mably Park

Andrea and Simon Masters said : ~

"Downloading of data is fantastic. Client to my clients via remote access software is more reliable and smoother. TV ~ Sky Q now works. Was only getting 0.5 Mbps. Films now download instantly"


"What a fantastic bunch of people, putting t=in their own time to do thi amazing feat of technology. I think it has bought people together and we have made new friends through it. Our neighbours rallied round and helped us with our connection to the house. CONGRATULATIONS one and all"