Update on Numbers . . . Grant Forms . . . Investment Opportunities

Update on Numbers to date

132 people in Michaelston-y-Fedw have expressed interest, plus 28 residents living at Cefn Mably Park ~ there is still the opportunity for anyone who has not yet either registered an interest or completed a Grant Application Form to do so. Once the grant application process has closed additional connections will then be chargeable as grant funding will no longer be available.

Grant Form Signing Evenings ~ the outcome

With over 90 grant forms now completed we are confident we will be able to fully fund the rollout providing everyone who has committed to join signs the forms and that these are accepted by Welsh Government.

There is an urgent requirement now to get forms completed by those who have expressed an interest, but not yet completed grant application forms. It is the Directors’ objective to get all forms into the Welsh Government by 10th November 2017, so they may carry out their vetting process and grant approvals in order for the project to proceed to the next stage of installation.

The Directors will be circulating a list to the sub group members so that we can visit residents at home to get these forms completed before 10th November.

Anyone needing a form or requiring assistance to complete one, please contact Phil Middleton

Investment Opportunities

A meeting is scheduled for Thursday 2nd November at 7.30pm in the village hall, open to anyone interested in being an investor in the Company. It will be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the proposals, and to get your views and expectations as an investor in Michaelston-Y-Fedw Internet CIC. Investment can be as little as £500 up to £20,000.

Sub Group Reports

Website and Newsletters

The website and newsletter continue to inform everyone of progress made to date and what is required for the next stage.

If you know of anyone who would like to receive the newsletter please ask them to complete the form at the bottom of our website.

If you have any questions about any of the topics in the newsletter or have any suggestions, please contact Carina Dunk

Company Set up and Finance

Good News, the company has been set up and we have a registration certificate. We are now just waiting for confirmation of our bank account.

Admin and Wayleaves

More good news, we have all wayleave permissions given in principle for Michaelston-y-Fedw. We are passing the Wayleaves Agreement to a barrister who specialises in land issues to check all is in order. (kindly being carried out foc)

A meeting will be scheduled with the landowners to establish the best routes for running duct around or across their land. The Directors will be “walking the route” with permission from the landowners to establish the precise duct locations.

Wayleave agreements will then be made available for landowners to sign.

Ground Works & Civils, Technical Design & Installation

Detailed specifications and costings are being drawn up for the main connection cabinet in the Village Hall car park.

Cefn Mably Liaison

We now have 28 of the 47 residents who have registered an interest.  Of these we have 18 completed grant application forms. The remaining 10 need to be completed as soon as possible.

How do we sign up remaining properties?

We are still keen to get additional residents to take advantage of the opportunity. This will be the last chance to get a year’s free 1000mbs download and upload.

Activity of BT / Openreach in the area

There is increased activity by BT Openreach in the area, although there was an unfortunate incident where they have gone through a water main! The BT activity threatens our Welsh Government funding, so it is imperative that grant application forms are submitted as soon as possible.

Myfi /Michaelston-y-Fedw Internet Name

Whilst the company name is Michaelston-Y-Fedw Internet CIC, the logo has had to be slightly modified on the website, so it isn’t confused with another company of similar name.

Equipment Cabinet

The main cabinet will be sited in the community hall car park and may require planning permission from Newport Council. Checks are being made.


For this community project to be a huge success and to keep costs down, we need volunteers throughout the whole of the project, carrying out a variety of tasks. These include trench digging (manual and machine), drilling through walls to fit and Install routers etc, and supporting residents in the setting up on laptops and more. For all tasks there will be training, H & S inductions, risk assessments, method statements, PPE etc. Most of the tasks will be carried out by more than one person, so you will not be isolated or left to struggle.

Will anyone who is prepared to give their time, skills, and abilities please contact Dave Schofield (  or Lawrence Russell ( Let us know what you are willing and able to do and your availability.  It is not expected that anyone will be volunteering for 40 hours per week, it is anticipated that we will have lots of volunteers who can work on a rota basis to get the work done, and therefore commitment can be on certain days of the week only. This is truly a community project carried out by the people of the community for the community (though we will employ contractors for specialised work that the community can’t do). Doing most of the work ourselves is how we will make it possible to provide hyperfast broadband to everyone at such a low cost.

We anticipate requiring volunteers starting from January 2018 onwards.

Date for next Meeting

The next meeting will be Thursday 9th November at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend.