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Grant Offer Letters


You will have received your "Access Broadband Cymru - Award of Funding" letter today or will receive it within the next couple of days.

It is very important that you do the following:~


Read and Sign both copies of the award letter


Return one of the signed letters  WITHIN 14 DAYS    to:~

Bethan King, 

Welsh Government 

Department of Economy, Science, and Transport

ICT Infrastructure

First Floor

South Gate House

Wood Street,


CF10 1EW


If there are any significant errors in the letter, please contact Phil Middleton.


Keep the other copy safe along with the Quotation and the Elective Funding Claim Form. 


The Elective Funding Claim Form will be completed when you have your router installed and are able to produce a certified copy of a speedtest which can only be carried out upon completion of your installation.


It is a possibility that you are either out of the country / away from home and therefore unable to sign and return the form within 14 days. Please email Phillip Middleton who will ensure that this is duly noted and can inform the appropriate people.


This is great news indeed, an important step in the progress of the Michaelston-y-Fedw Internet Project