Newsflash Vonage VOIP and Broadband CLinic

Vonage and Broadband/internet/WiFi Technical Clinic

Thurs 4th Oct 3pm -7pm

At The Village Hall


Once you are connected to the internet, you have a choice, do you keep your current landline house phone or simply use your mobile phone. You do not necessarily need a landline as you may consider an alternative that utilises the Ultrafast internet speeds that you now enjoy. If you require a landline phone you could consider one of the VOIP (voice over internet providers) instead of your current landline supplier.


We have carried out research and held discussions with a number of providers and as a result we have formed a partnership with VONAGE.

Vonage will pay £40 per connection into a village fund. (this fund will be used within the community on a project that the shareholders will vote on.) Vonage have provided us with a dedicated phone number and website page for MYFI users.

Dedicated phone number - 0333 455 3896.


PLEASE NOTE: ~ If you wish to retain your old telephone number (by porting, just as you would your mobile number) do not cancel your old telephone line until your number is transferred to Vonage. This will take around two weeks and is free of charge.

Simon Peat, Vonage UK Accounts Manager has kindly agreed to attend our clinic on 4th October to demonstrate the system and to help home and business users with advice and to answer any queries that you may have.


Internet / Wifi  Clinic

James Stockton-Link has been recommended and is a Smart Home expert. He has volunteered to come along to advise and help answer your questions along with other helpers.

Most of the equipment in your home has a network capability much less than the speeds that the 1Gb that MyFi provides. For example, a lot of laptops and tablets have a maximum network capability of 100Mbps and almost all 4k UHD Smart TVs only operate at 100Mbps!!

A lot of the products sold to help spread Wi-Fi around your home can be difficult to set up or do not work very well due to solid walls within the property or the size of the property.

Come along and learn from our experience!!

Several early (lucky) connections including myself have found that a “Network Mesh System” works very well in most properties and is relatively easy to set up yourself. Examples will be demonstrated, bring your laptops etc to try them.

Mesh systems start from £90

Any questions/suggestions please contact me.


Brin Richards

O7474 204554