Grants, Investment, Volunteers, Routers, Wayleaves

Update on Grants & Progress

Further to last week’s update from the Welsh Government on the processing of Grant Applications, we are now in a position to inform everyone that 159 applications have been processed (a combination of ABC and UVC) and we are extremely pleased to announce that 124 have been approved. 2 forms were duplicated, 2 refused because they believe that these residents are already receiving 30Mbs, and the rest will be required to provide additional information to confirm their address or submit proof of their business being operated from that address (copy of council tax bill, Letter from HMRC relating to a tax bill, audited accounts, VAT Certificate, Mortgage or Utility Bill in Company name or bank statements etc.) The majority of refusals at this stage relate to business applications.
Phil Middleton will follow up on all of these individually to obtain the necessary proofs to collate and resubmit to the Welsh Government on your behalf. Anyone not able to produce relevant proofs will be able to complete an ABC form for the £800 grant.


Dave Schofield has written to all the Investors to both confirm their pledges and request payments into the Myfi Bank Account on 1st February 2018. A huge thank you to all the Investors who will enable this project to go ahead financially until the grants are paid by the Welsh Government. Your investment is beneficial to us all.
Dave has also written to all of loan investors thanking them for their kind offers which may or may not be required at a later date.



To date we have 2 signed Wayleaves for Minorca and Fairwater Farm. Gareth, Elayne and Rob are working their way round to all the remaining landowners to ensure the Wayleave Agreements are signed enabling routes to be trenched across their land to reach residential/business properties.


A map showing the routes for ducting will be available on the website soon. It has been calculated at 27kms of ducting required to complete the job.

Ground Works & Civils, Technical Design & Installation

It has been decided that in order to “future proof" our network against advances in technology, 2 fibres will be installed to each and every property.
Work will commence in the coming weeks provided the appropriate materials are available.


Although we have 40 volunteers, 30 have provided information requested with 10 not yet confirmed. Jim Dunk will contact these people by telephone as the emails may have inadvertently gone into a junk folder.!

We now have 10 people who are going to “splice, fuse, test and measure” the fibres. Within the next couple of weeks training should take place

APPEAL for a Co-Ordinator for Services

We are still appealing for a dedicated volunteer to liaise directly with the service providers ie. Water, Gas, BT, Electricity.
This will entail telephoning the various services to request a representative to come out with scanners and maps, to inform us of the precise location and depth of their services underground.

This is a very familiar process for them and you will find them very helpful in ensuring no damage is done to existing pipes and cables. Please contact


The container has been emptied and cleaned, however there may be an issue with the lease. On this basis discussions are on going for an alternative as a contingency.


HNS are keen to start and awaiting our instructions to begin.


A router has been selected, it is white, reliable, easy to install, has 4 hard wired connections and is shown below.



The Village Hall

Some off you may not be aware that the Village Hall next to the Cefn Mably Pub is wholly maintained by the Community for the Community of Michaelston-y-Fedw. 

The Village Hall is central to the community and is run by The Village Hall Committee. It is very active, organising and hosting many events throughout the year including entertainment evenings, Trips and Special Occasions. 

The upkeep of the hall  is paid for from profits made from events and from grants when available. The hall is used for meetings and events by a number of local organisations including  the Community Council, the Church and Women's Institute. It is also available for hire for private functions where availability permits.

The Village Hall is presently in need of new windows and is wholly reliant on support from the Community to make this happen. Without the support of the Community we will lose the Village Hall, it is a valuable asset that we should hold on to for the benefit of all.

On January 27th there is a fund raiser event  "Call My Bluff (would I lie to you )   £10 per person to include a curry. TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM JULIE TAYLOR 07974 474190


Date for next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Thursday 1st February 2018 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.