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Update on Grants

Following the submission of the ABC forms we have had to submit additional information with each form, which explains why we are still waiting for responses from the Welsh Government. We now expect offers or rejections soon. Please would you be so kind as to email, Phil Middleton to update him on either offer or rejection of your grant at when you receive it.

We held back on submitting the Ultrafast business applications until we had a clear idea of the results of the ABC forms however, they will now be submitted in the next few days. We anticipate that individuals may be contacted with additional questions. As the Welsh Government are allocating a bigger grant for the Ultrafast, they have to be sure all criteria have been met therefore, they will be scrutinised more closely.


There will be £150,000 of shares issued which we will apply to be included in the SEIS scheme. This is great news for Michaelston y Fedw Internet CIC and of course should be a great tax benefit for the investors. We are just waiting for grant approvals to ensure viability before going ahead and collecting investor money. If you want to invest in the company and haven’t emailed your intention to then please do so now as we will shortly be closing the application process.

The response to the £1 shares has been positive with a good number of people registering their interest to become shareholders.


Website and Newsletters

The website and newsletter continues to inform everyone of progress made to date and evolves with additional and updated information.


Michaelston y Fedw Internet CIC has received a grant from Michaelston y Fedw Community Council.

HMRC have issued a UTI reference number which enables the company to operate within the HMRC boundaries.

It is likely that we will voluntarily register for VAT next year.  This will enable us to obtain VAT refunds on all the capital equipment, materials and services we have paid for.


Following interest from residents and businesses at the Dutch Garden Centre, we are hoping to be able to connect them to our network. We are waiting for them to obtain a wayleave to enable fibre to be laid before being in a position to include them in the scheme.


A map for best routing has largely been completed enabling a comprehensive list of materials to be drawn up and costings obtained, although there may be minor alterations as we go along.  It has been calculated that there will be around 25km of excavation required.

Ground Works & Civils, Technical Design & Installation

We have a contractor lined up who is able to install the fibre in a relatively short time laying between 300 and 500 meters per day depending upon the terrain. This could mean that all the fibre may be laid in a 3 to 4 month period. There will be exceptions where we cannot work on some land which has crops on it so these areas may have to wait until after harvesting. It is more certain now that a combination of armoured cable and ducting with blown fibre will be used as appropriate to the route.

Activity of BT / Openreach in the area

It appears likely that the activity by BT/Openreach is at a standstill due to their existing funding arrangements ending on December 31st and their need to apply for a further funding contract. Please read the previous newsletter regarding their rollout and timeframe for our area.

Equipment Cabinet/Container

Discussions are taking place regarding the use of a container sited in the village hall car park for the siting of our central equipment.


Your response is amazing, many thanks to all who have put their names forward to date. Jim Dunk is now up and running with a Michaelston y Fedw Internet email address which is

So far we have 41 names to whom Jim has sent questionnaires to be able to collate all the information regarding availability, skills, capabilities, contact details etc. into a spreadsheet. It is looking good with a broad range of skills and abilities that we will be able to draw upon.

Date for next Meeting

Due to Christmas and New Year festivities, it has been agreed that the next meeting will be Thursday 4th January 2018 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Work will still be going on during this period and any important announcements will be made by email updates.

Merry Christmas