Grant Applications . . . Investment . . . Community Shareholders

Update on Grant Applications

All residential grant applications have now been handed in to the Welsh Government. It is anticipated that residents will get a response to the grant applications within the next 10 days. Please would you be so kind as to email Phil Middleton to update him on either an offer of funding or rejection of your grant application at


Copies of the Business Plan have been emailed to those who pledged investment to Myf Internet CIC Ltd.  We are now awaiting confirmation from those investors. We are about to start buying equipment and digging trenches, so we now need to raise the funding for it. If you are planning to invest in this project, please contact as soon as possible for instructions on how to make your investment.

Sub Group Reports

Company Set up and Finance

We have been awaiting clarification from HMRC regarding the status of VAT on grants. They have now confirmed that we can voluntarily register for VAT.

Admin and Wayleaves

Following a meeting with landowners, David Phillips has drawn up a draft of the route plan for the ducting/cabling across farmers’ land to property boundaries. The fine detail is now to be confirmed.

Newport Council have given permission for the cabinet and cabling in the car park of the Village Hall.

Ground Works & Civils, Technical Design & Installation

The technical specifications for the cabinet and contents are being compiled for quotations from several suppliers.  The technical sub group are meeting to discuss this and related matters.

Activity of BT / Openreach in the area

Presently, there appears to be little activity in the area by BT/ Openreach.


As the project progresses, it is essential that we have a list of volunteers to assist in the ongoing activities required to build the infrastructure.  Jim Dunk has volunteered to be one of the Team Leaders and together with another person/s will co-ordinate the volunteers to the tasks necessary. The role of team leader is seen as requiring a minimum of two people, three would be even better. If you feel that you could support the community project in this role, please contact Jim Dunk. Your support will be invaluable.

To start with, it is anticipated that a team of 30 to 40 volunteers will be required, which will result in approx 3 or 4 volunteers working on any 1 day, with back-up to call on if needed.

In the coming weeks we will be putting together Project Timelines and the specific roles that will be required as and when necessary. Therefore, in preparation we need to know who we can rely on for volunteer support.

The initial phase will involve the laying of fibre optic cable, and preparation of access chambers. Machinery will be used wherever possible, but manual help will also be needed. Training will be given, and Personal Protection Equipment will be provided where required. H&S and Method Statements will also be in place. It is anticipated that the project will commence in mid to late January 2018.

To enable Jim Dunk to compile a volunteer profile list, would all volunteers please email, and he will forward a short questionnaire asking for your details (name, address, contact telephone no’s, email, a brief history of your working background, and your availability etc.)

Community Shareholders

To clarify the Share Issue mentioned in the previous newsletter: To give the whole community the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making and the future of the Company, shares will be issued. All investors will automatically get a £1 share, non-investors may purchase a share for £1. Each shareholder will be entitled to one vote at company meetings. To register your interest please contact

Other business

We have been approached by residents and businesses at the Dutch Garden Centre with a request for 10 additional connections. This could be feasible, subject to a wayleave agreement by the landowner.

Date for next Meeting

The next meeting will be Thursday 7th December at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.