Work Begins at Began Road.

  • Carina Dunk



It is so exciting to see the work begin  on Wednesday 21st February on the Druidstone Road Spur. The initial enabling work involves the digging of trenches, laying in ducting ready for the fibre to be blown in, and drilling underneath roads and pulling tubing through to house the ducting. The weather is being kind to us so far, it may be cold but it has been dry and work is in progress.

Beginning at Fairwater Farm, it is now Tuesday 27th February and the trenches have been dug from the entrance up to the top of Began Road and along the back of the properties heading up to Fairwater House, Back towards Fairwater Farm and continuing over towards properties around Maes y Crochan before crossing the road to  Druidstone House. 

Ducting has also been laid in the trenches ready for the fibre to be blown in. 

Over the past two days the Drilling Machine has completed 4 road crossings.


If you see any of the guys working these machines, I am sure they would appreciate a cuppa if you have the time to make them one, particularly in this cold weather. Biscuits or a piece of cake, then you would be spoiling them ! ! But I am sure they won't refuse.  


Comencing Drilling from Fairwater Farm to Pant Rhiw Goch Farm
Drilling commences under the road from
Fairwater Farm to Pant Rhiw Goch Farm
Gary and Drilling Machine
Gary controlling and monitoring  the
Drilling  Process
Computer Monitoring
Computer monitors the angle, depth, and
distance and speed of the drill 
Markingthe route
Monitoring and marking the drilling progress
above ground
Monitor and measurement
Handheld machine that measures, and
monitors the drills progress underground
Drill breaks ground across the road
The drill breaks ground across the road
precisely where it was intended.
Drilling log
Gary maintains the Drilling Path Log to ensure
the correct length of Tube to be pulled back.


The drilling process under the road is both fascinating and amazing to watch, taking less time to actually drill under the road than the time taken to set up the machine. Brilliant work guys only 6 more road crossings and 2 river crossings to complete.



Trenches dug and ducting laid
Tractor laying the ducting
Ducting ready for laying in the trenches
Tractor laying ducting
Tractor assistance with the laying of
]the ducting





The trenching machine makes light work of the digging process at the depth and width for easy laying of ducting.


More photos to follow as work continues to progress. If anyone has any questions or comments, please email