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Update on Grants & Progress

There are just 7 outstanding grant applications, that require additional information to support the fact that a business is being operated from that address. Phil has had to put a deadline of 7 days as of yesterday in order to ensure that we do not keep the Welsh Government’s Broadband Team waiting any longer to complete the task. Therefore Phil Middleton will call on each of the 7 applicants to either obtain copies of the appropriate proofs or to complete an ABC Form as a back up to the UVC being rejected. The Welsh Government Broadband Team are awaiting these final 7 applications before completing the process and sending out Grant Offer. We do not wish to hold them up any longer.

All monies have now been received. Myf Internet CIC wish to thank all investors for their financial support.


Signed Wayleave documents are still being followed up. It also needs to be noted that there may be additional Wayleaves required from private landowners where the ducting and fibre may cross their land / gardens in order to reach a neighbouring property, these will be addressed as the routes progress.
A wayleave document can be seen if you click: ~ for residents who have ducting and fibre going across their property in order to get to the neighbouring property.

The Route Map continues to evolve and will be subject to fine tuning as work progresses. The current route map can be seen on The website and will show work in progress, work completed and work to be done giving a clear indication when you can expect trench digging in your area.

Ground Works & Civils, Technical Design & Installation
The first order of materials from Emtelle have been delivered and TRENCH DIGGING WILL BEGIN ON WEDNESDAY 21st FEBRUARY AT 10.00 AM AT THE ENTRANCE TO FAIRWATER FARM (BEGAN LANE)
All are welcome to come along and see the work start, bring a spade and have your photo taken.

We have a total of 37 volunteers willing to give their skills and their time into various parts of the project. We anticipate that it will be around 6 to 8 weeks before the fusion and splicers will be required so plenty of time for training.
We need some of the volunteers to assist with the conversion of the shipping container as soon as possible. More information below.

Co-Ordinator for Services
Brin has been very active and has had conversations with all the service companies, obtained maps, and clear direction as to the level of support they will provide. This extends to a supervisor attending from Gas Wales & West Utilities at the time of digging to clarify the depth and precise location of their pipes. All the service companies have been extremely helpful and will provide the support that we need.
Brin has also given to the community project a set of 6 walkie talkies which will be invaluable as the project progresses. Thank you Brin, these will be well utilised.

Container /Cabinet
The lease for the Village Hall has been agreed in principle with Newport Council and therefore the shipping container on site will, be the hub for the internet coming in and all the fibres going out to every property .

Conversion of Container
We are ready to commence with the conversion and Jim Dunk will be contacting volunteers to get this up and running.
A doorway needs to be cut into one end, a door (which we are in possession of) to be fitted, levelling of the container, (using a forklift truck), insulating and lining, and ventilation installed. Jim Dunk will be contacting volunteers to set up a meeting to discuss and plan the work involved.

We are currently in receipt of 8000 metres each of large and small ducting and will be placing the next order in view of the 6 -8 week lead time in readiness for the next stage.

Druidstone Spur Construction Update
As previously mentioned, the Trench digging will, commence from the entrance of Fairwater Farm, (Began Lane) on Wednesday 21st February at 10.00 AM
Thomas Bros will work through to Druidstone House on the first spur
Everyone on this route is invited to a meeting on Thursday 22nd February at 7.30pm in the Village Hall to find out exactly what will be happening and what will be expected of them individually. All of these residents will get an additional news update specifically to clarify everything.

B4rn are running an Open Day on 28th March. It will be a great opportunity for volunteers to go up to Lancashire to see demos, site visits, and hear all about their experiences having done exactly what we are about to embark upon. If anyone is interested in going please contact to express an interest. It is highly recommended and may be an extremely useful opportunity to ask questions.

Date for next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Thursday 1st March 2018 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.